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6 Days 5 Nights Gansu Silk Road Tour


  • Land in Lanzhou to take a stroll beside the Yellow River, a mother river for Chinese people
  • Bask in the splendor of Silk Road relics, such as the Mogao Grottoes and Jiayuguan Great Wall
  • Admire both the Danxia and desert landforms


Day 1  Arrival in Lanzhou

Welcome to Lanzhou, an ancient city beside the Yellow River. Most tourists, whose destinations are the ancient sites on the Silk Road, such as Zhangye and Dunhuang, need to use Lanzhou as a transfer station. However, there are also many wonderful tourist attractions in Lanzhou, among which the Gansu Museum, White Pagoda Mountain and the First Bridge on the Yellow River are the most renowned.

Accommodation: Hotel in Lanzhou

Meals: None

Day 2  Train to Zhangye

After breakfast, you will take a 4-hour long train ride to Zhangye

Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park
Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park features its Danxia landform and colorful hills. The lofty Seven-Color Fairy Mountain is the core tourist area in the park. The orange part of the mountain looks like a koi fish. When the sun is shining on the mountain, it looks like the koi fish is swimming through the mountain.

Accommodation: Hotel in Zhangye

Meals: Breakfast   Lunch


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