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2 Days 1 Night Chengdu Panda and Museum Tour


  • See giant pandas playing in morning, their most energetic time
  • Soak up the relaxing atmosphere in a teahouse in the People’s Park
  • Learn about the history of Chengdu via the priceless collections in Chengdu Museum


Day 1  Giant Panda

You will meet your guide at an appointed place and time in Chengdu

Panda Base in Chengdu
In the Panda Base in Chengdu, you san see pandas sleeping on trees, eating bamboos, fighting against each other and listen to them talking. In a word, the Base is a paradise for tourists who like giant pandas.
People’s Park
The best way to experience the lives of locals is to go to People’s Park and sit down in the tea house. You can bask in the sun, read some books or chat with friends. While enjoy the authentic slow life in Chengdu, you may feel time has slowed down.
Jinli has been the most prosperous street in Chengdu for around 2000 years. now it’s a large-scale leisure shopping and tourism area. In Jinli, you can visit the teahouses and enjoy the Sichuan face change show. The charm of the Sichuan culture can be fully felt here.

Accommodation: Hotel in Chengdu

Meals: Lunch

Day 2  Chengdu Museum

Wenshu Monastery
Wenshu Monastery was built during the Sui dynasty (581-619 AD). The prosperity of Wenshu Monastery is the contribution of eminent monk, who saw the propitious light near the monastery. Countless Buddhists made pilgrimages to the monastery since then.
Chengdu Museum
Opened in 1984, the Chengdu Museum is best place to learn the ancient culture and development of Chengdu City. A Stone rhinoceros, which weighs 8.5 tons, a 14-centimer tall mannequin for traditional Chinese medicine, and a tablet engraving with a history of 2000 years, are the most valuable collections in the Museum.

You will proceed to the Chengdu airport or train station after this 2-day short tour. Hope you enjoyed the time with us and wish you all the best!


Meals: Breakfast   Lunch

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