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China City Tours

  Are you a foreigner who has been working in China for a couple of years? Are you a fan of China who have visited the most popular tourist destinations in China? Or do you only have a few days or only several hours in China before boarding on your flight or ship to your next destination? If you are one of the three tourist types listed above, you are on the right web page.

  By joining in our China City Tour packages, you will not visit the places where you have visited before or you do not have enough time to visit. If you want to avoid normal attractions, we have off-the-beaten itineraries, which will lead you to the unknown villages, mountains, or streams. If you do not have enough time to see all the highlights in the city where you will board on your train or flight, we will select the best of the best places based on your layover time.

  Most our tour guides are local people who have at least three years’ experience in tourism. They are endeavored to save your time and money and help you see more highlights. If you want to extend your tour to other places, feel free to let them know. If you want to stay at some places longer, it is also ok to cancel other places where you haven’t visited. We are open to your ideas.