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Beijing Tours

  Beijing is the capital and political and cultural center of China. Beijing has been the capital of China for 850 years in its 3000 years’ history. Moreover, Beijing is the city with the most UNESCO world cultural heritages in the world. More than 147 million take a tour to Beijing every year.


  Beijing is rich in tourism resources, with more than 200 tourist attractions, including the world’s largest palace – the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the Royal Garden Beihai and Summer Palace, as well as the Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall and the Prince Gong’s Mansion – the largest courtyard house in the world. Besides, there are 7309 national cultural relics, 326 municipal cultural relics, 5 national geological parks, and 15 national forest parks in or around Beijing City.

  Best Time to Travel to Beijing

  Like most cities in north China, the climate is dry in Beijing. So there is need to worry about typhoons or heavy rain. Most tourists travel to Beijing between April and November, during which the climate is mild, and the plants are at their best times.

  If the Great Wall is the main reason why you travel to Beijing, visiting Beijing in winter (December to next March) is recommended, because the Great Wall is more magnificent when it is covered by snow.