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Top China Hiking Destinations

China is a vast country with a variety of landforms. For those who like hiking, the magnificent mountains, deep gorges, endless grasslands, and long riverbanks are the must-go destinations. The recommended hiking destinations include both the relaxing places with beautiful sceneries and…

Top 10 China Attractions

There are thousands of tourist attractions in China, the world’s 4th largest country. It is not easy to select 10 most recommended ones from them. We tried our best to name the top 10 tourist attractions based their popularity and tourist value.…

Top Tourist Destinations in China

China is one of world’s largest tourist destinations. There are thousands of tourist cities in China, which boast their cultural relics, natural wonders, colorful costumes, or historical traditions. In addition to the must-visit places, such as Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai,…

Top Reasons Why Travel to China

There are Chinese tourists in almost every country in the world. The tourist shops like Chinese tourists the most, because they are luxury buyers. Meanwhile, the local people are becoming more and more interested in China while talking to Chines…

Best Time to Visit China

China has a vast territory and varied terrain, the climates of different places have nothing in common, so the answer to “when is the best time to visit China?” is not cut-and-dried. Actually, the answer of this question depends on…